Policies reflect prudent and wise practices that facilitate the conduct of business. Our policies are an extension of the goals and core values of the company and are filtered through common sense. Clearly stated rational policies facilitate understanding and clarify client expectations. In an era or environment where everyone shares similar experiences perhaps policies seem unnecessary. Given the diversity of our clients, the range of services that we offer, and the current climate of rush/push/instant gratification, we find it essential to place our policies in full view. We are committed to adhering to these policies. Policies are by necessity works-in-progress; however, do not expect us to waive our policies for you; we will not make exceptions.

It probably comes as no surprise that most business policies revolve around time and/or money. We believe that you will see the wisdom of our sound and efficient practices and comprehend the translation into savings for you. Our policies also reflect our sincere intention to maintain well-being – yours, ours, and the future of moving images. To save your time, money, and sanity, we ask that you become familiar with our policies. If you do not agree with our policies, we wish you well.