Background: In the last several years, as the economy grew tighter, we encountered numerous price increases from our suppliers. The practice of passing on the cost of goods sold to customers is the conventional route. BonoLabs has tried to streamline our accounting system and increase our overall efficiency to avoid resorting to that practice. We hope that our longer-term clients have noticed how few price increases have been implemented in the last 5 years. Our cost-cutting measures have proved successful and we will continue to refine our business practices in an effort to minimize price increases. We found that the simple act of discontinuing open accounts proved to be one effective cost cutting measure which saved money and labor overall and particularly in the Accounting Department. We will continue to identify and implement measures that will extend savings to you; however, be assured that we will take no steps that will compromise our commitment to and delivery of exemplary service.

In 2002 we ended the archaic Accounts Receivable practice of open accounts, therefore, no new open accounts will be set up. The only exception to this rule will be for our United States Government clients with whom we have long-term contracts.  Where feasible, government Fedlink or GSA clients are expected to pay via Government Purchasing Cards.

  • No work will begin on a job without payment being secured. We will e-mail a client, at our convenience, if payment information is incorrect or incomplete. We will not call to obtain payment information. Orders without correct and complete payment information will be put aside until the client contacts us. An administration fee of $15 will be charged to obtain missing paperwork and payment information.
  • No checks or money orders will be accepted. We only accept payment by credit card (American Express, VISA, or Mastercard only).
  • Jobs may be charged in advance at the discretion of the Accounting Department.
  • For archival orders over $1000, clients will be charged 50% at the beginning and the balance when the job is complete. Orders under $1000 are charged in full at time of acceptance.
  • Clients whose cards decline will be assessed an additional $5 “credit card decline” fee. Additional decline charges may be assessed if the card continues to decline or if an alternative card number provided also is declined.
  • Cancellation fees: For National Archives clients who find it necessary to cancel their orders in mid-stream, after the order has been placed with NARA, a $100 cancellation fee will be assessed to stop the order. The client will also be responsible to pay the National Archives pull fees and any credit card processing fees associated with the order payment and refund of the initial payment.