BonoLabs, established in 2002
to investigate, develop, and deliver new digital imaging services that incorporate innovative film, video, and electronic technologies for our 21st Century media makers and moving image guardians. We draw upon a 54-year industry heritage.

High Definition Telecine Transfers & Related Services & Products
If your sights are set clearly on native scan, minimally processed, cost effective Hi Def telecine full bandwidth transfers direct to hard drive (file formats only - no tape), BonoLabs pioneered the tapeless workflow. We were the first commercial facility in the United States to offer 10-bit uncompressed 1920 x 1080/24p (23.98sf) high definition transfer direct-to-drive and ready to edit.

We offer a full range of products and services to support your tapeless workflow. Your files can be delivered in a variety of formats—for PC, MAC, or AVID in NTSC or PAL.

We also offer a full range of long-term digital storage solutions including modular shelving for hard drives, through

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 Go Tapeless -
with the lab that pioneered the high definition direct-to-drive workflow.

Final Cut Pro Users: Are you ready for MAC (HFS) 10-bit uncompressed  high definition telecine transfers direct to hard drive or compressed DVCPro HD direct to hard drive? Premiere Pro users: Would you prefer PC (NTFS) 10-bit uncompressed  high definition transfers direct to drive?

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